Travel Article Sites Offering Something Different

So, you’ve worked on your writing chops and you’ve finely honed a travel article of which you’re proud. You’ve checked your research and you think every fact you’ve presented stands up to close scrutiny. The world awaits your erudition and passion for the location you’ve covered. So, what now? Who’s going to commission your piece and provide you with a slice of remuneration for your efforts? Who’s going to give you that opportunity for sharing your skills and interests with the world? You can try dropping a line to the newspaper travel editors, but often they won’t hire anyone who hasn’t already paid their dues in one way or another. There are a few sources online that offer payment, so you might want to try the sites listed below before you take your story to the nationals:

Transitions Abroad: This is described as a web magazine and planning guide for short to long-term cultural immersion trips. If you’re able to provide pieces hewn from your personal knowledge and experience in order to offer practical or inspiring advice to potential visitors to the location you’re covering, then you’ll probably fit right in with what the folks at TA are trying to achieve. They accept a broad range of subjects and locations for their travel articles, often with an emphasis on the practicalities of living and working in a foreign destination.

2 Camels: This site deals specifically with festivals and events. With festivals in more exotic locations becoming more and more popular, especially for British music fans, this site represents a great opportunity to share your experiences if you’ve attended one of these far-flung festivities. They ask for detailed travel articles, and ones that bring something new to the world, so make sure you’ve got something different to say from other people writing on the subject.

Galavanting: This is a site that offers travel articles full of advice for women who are making their way around the world. It’s debatable that you need to be a woman to write for this site, but make sure that you bear the feminine viewpoint in mind when writing. If there is such thing as a male and female viewpoint might be contentious, but that’s not an argument for here.

The important thing to bear in mind when submitting pieces to any kind of publication is that you read and understand exactly the kind of article that they produce. If you submit material that really doesn’t fit with what the publication normal uses, then the editor is unlikely to look at your work in the future.

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